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Country of origin:

Raised in America. Refined in the United Kingdom.

Hogwarts House:


University Degree:

Master's in English Literature & Creative Writing

Favourite Author:

C.S. Lewis

Cups of tea consumed:

5,472 and counting...

My Story

Photo by Paul + Nanda Photography

I grew up in the Mojave Desert of Southern California, and I used to lay in my bedroom, dreaming of a day when I might roll down a grassy hill with some handsome ex-pirate bellowing "Aaaaas youuu wiiiiiish!" in front of me. (If you don't get that reference, you might want to take a trip back to the 80's cult classic, The Princess Bride. You're welcome).

Needless to say, real life isn't always so glamorous, or at least, not at first. After graduating high school, my initial plans to attend art school in San Francisco did not pan out because of a family tragedy (there's always gotta be one somewhere, right?). With no home, no university classes to attend, and no real career prospects, I found myself on a plane to England-- somewhere I'd longed to see since I was a little girl.

Long story short, I went, fell in love with a handsome Englishman who fulfilled all The Princess Bride criteria-- apart from the... you know... ex-pirate thing. So I began the difficult process of immigrating to the UK. I attended a British university studying a Master's in English & Creative Writing, where I then landed a job as a lecturer in academic writing and basically lived out a full-blown rom-com story, but with a few more essay-induced nervous breakdowns and a few less beautifully curated wardrobes-- oh, except for the part where my Englishman proposed to me literally inside The Princess Bride castle. Have I not mentioned that? Yeah, that bit was just straight out of a fairytale #sorrynotsorry.


All that to say, I'm a small twenty-something who God blessed with a big story, and I can't help but walk through life believing in the beauty of those everyday chapters that shape our lives into something grand.


The pain and beauty of my own story has given me a heart for capturing what you've journeyed through to marry the love of your life, grow a family, or start a business doing what you love. I know that your story is unique and that a lot has gone into cultivating and growing each chapter. With ten years of photography experience and a Master's degree in Creative Writing, my skills and passions all come from a core place of telling our painful, beautiful stories well.


Above all, I want you to know that I believe in your story: I believe that it's precious, I believe that it's real, and I believe that it contains the kind of muchness that warrants a passionate eye for detail. I will always treat each client's story with the unique attention it deserves so that when it comes time to share it-- be it through pictures or words-- you are confidently rooted in authenticity and wisdom which helps you celebrate the beauty in every moment that got you to where you are now.

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working with me


I specialize in weddings and couple photography, but I also love capturing the joy in your family or creative business! Click below to find out how to work with me and let's photograph this beautiful chapter in your story: 


With over ten years of photography experience, I take my students through the process of unearthing their photography aesthetic to reflect their brand in both the use of their camera settings and their use of Lightroom.

“It was harder than I thought it would be to find my aesthetic. Christina not only helped me hone in and understand my own style and how to edit my photos cohesively, but she was a huge comfort and encouragement as I worked through comparison, discovering what I really liked, and actually falling back in love with photography!”

- Lilah Higgins, Branding Coach

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my core business values



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I aim to help you only share parts of your life story in an appropriate way that is honest but respectful & without risking damage to your relationships or mental health. I encourage you to allow raw emotion into your space without shame or fear, knowing that ultimately, your identity is not defined by those emotions. And ultimately I encourage you to see your story as a relational tool: not a currency of clickable vulnerability.



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At our core, I believe that we are all creative, and we find true freedom in our purpose when we embrace those core desires to admire beauty and to fall in love with the act of making. But a saturation of images and the "shoulds" that we tell ourselves can make it hard to get back in tune with our creativity. And our stories requires us to speak in spite of fear. It means sharing our beliefs, hurts, hopes, and joys. To do it well takes boldness, but to choose boldness is a step towards freedom.



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When we operate from a core place of truth, it drowns out lies & brings light into the darkness.  My ultimate goal is to help you recognise the beauty of your story, life, marriage, family, and business, and to give you space to reconnect with the core reasons behind why you do what you do. By seeking the beauty in the even the difficult moments using writing and photography, there is a beacon of truth to be unearthed that reconnects us with the truth in our deep hunger for "doing."

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