The Woodling Package

Let's chat, darling.

Can we be honest? You've been at this for a long time and you KNOW THE THINGS. No one can deny it. 

And yet... you're still a little frustrated with your images, and you're not quite sure why.

That was me only two years ago. I had nine years of photography experience under my belt, and yet I was still dumbfounded by the editing process. Even though I knew how to use Lightroom, I found that all of my images looked different. My Instagram grid was in-cohesive. And I only ever felt "okay" about my galleries.

It felt as though my photography style was somehow alluding me like a vague mist, and it was holding me back from taking my brand to the next level. I didn't feel equipped to charge professional prices because I didn't feel that I was yet providing my clients with a distinctly branded gallery.

Why should they come to me over another photographer with a stronger brand?

This question haunted me, as did my creative frustrations. But then I sat down and intentionally mapped out my creative vision. I tinkered with Lightroom and learned new skills to match that vision. And suddenly, I stepped into a space that was distinctly "mine" as a photographer.

And I want to help you do the same with The Woodling Package in three 60-minute calls.

Week One: Your Inspiration

Every student starts out by working through my Instagram Aesthetic Method. Whether you’re using Instagram or not, this workbook is an excellent way of gauging how you want to express yourself as a photographer. We will go through the results of your workbook, but you, dear Woodling, will receive a slightly more bespoke treatment. As we look at your photography vision, I want us to dig deep into WHY you like what you like. This isn't your business "why" or your photography "why." It's your awe-seeking "why." I want us to dig into why you find certain things beautiful so that our creative motivation is clearly set moving forward.

Week Two: Your Editing Workflow

Using your vision board from the Aesthetic Method as our guide, I will sit with you as we go through some of your favourite images and you show me what your current workflow looks like. We can gauge which Lightroom tools you favour and why, and then we can see if there are any tools that you are neglecting. We will troubleshoot several different editing formulas on a variety of images in different lighting until we land on a combination of images that all accurately reflect your aesthetic descriptors.

Week Three: Your Consistency

This final week will allow us to see how well you can replicate what you learned in our previous call. You should, ideally, have gone out to do some fresh shooting. I will then review as you try to recreate your editing aesthetic with these new images. Usually we find hiccups at this stage that can be worked through so that no matter the image, you can always achieve your ideal look and maintain a consistent photography brand.

Are you ready to jump into your photography journey?

What you'll need:

  • A DSLR or a camera phone that allows for manual setting adjustments— you absolutely must have access to camera equipment that will allow you to adjust your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

  • At least six hours to commit to the program over the course of three weeks (a one-hour call each week and one hour of photography homework each week).

  • Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Lightroom Mobile App— yes, there are loads of great mobile editing apps, but Lightroom is the most powerful, the most intuitive, and the most finite suite to help you develop your skills as a photographer and editor. Plus, Creative Cloud allows you to save presets on your desktop that can be uploaded to your Mobile App, so you can have consistent editing at home and on-the-go!

  • A printer to print off your Aesthetic Method Workbook.

  • A cute journal to take notes on our calls.

"[Christina] walked me through exercises to identify what my dream photography style looked like, and we worked together to practice photography. I sent her hundreds of photos and she gave me such encouraging and constructive feedback."

- Dusty Hegge, Houseplant Educator

Why work with me?

I will give you the perfect balance between developing an abstract, creative vision and developing practical, nuanced photography skills. Not only do I have four years of practical teaching experience (so I know how to listen to your struggles and adapt my teaching method accordingly) but I am guiding you through a process that I went through myself over the course of a decade. I am teaching from personal experience and helping you fast-track your photography workflow in a way that took me ten years to develop. Plus, we will have so much freaking fun together! ;)  

Plus, bonuses!

(Because who doesn't love a little extra?)

My Woodling students are the ONLY ones who will finish the program with their own CUSTOM PRESETS. Over the course of our three calls, I will help you to develop a variety of presets that will help you to achieve YOUR UNIQUE look with any image, no matter the white balance or exposure level.

Can't wait to jump in?

This package is for you if...

  • You consider yourself a "photographer," but you don't think of yourself as having a brand.

  • Editing is a source of frustration.

  • You have an aesthetic vision, and you just can't work out how to achieve it in your editing.

  • You are familiar with and have access to Adobe Lightroom and the Adobe Lightroom mobile app.

  • You value the branding that comes from having a unique photography style.

  • You are willing to spend time in reflection and really dig deep into your creative motivation.

  • You can commit six hours of time to learning and practicing new techniques.

  • You are willing to laugh at my bad puns.

This package might not suit you if...

  • You do not know how to shoot manually.

  • You have never used Lightroom before.

  • You do not have six hours to commit to developing your photography skills.

  • You’re not really bothered about what your photos look like.

  • You’re not willing to invest in Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • You don't feel the need to have a signature style to attract clients.

  • Your images look exactly how you want them to look.

  • You do not shoot for the purpose of providing branded photos to clients.

  • Learning new skills is not fun for you.

  • You don’t appreciate cheesy humour.

So, are you ready to step into your space as a confident photographer with a solid aesthetic brand?



Six monthly payments of £50 or save 25% with one upfront payment of £225

Excited to get started?!