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C o p y r i g h t  2 0 2 0   C h r i s t i n a   L y n n   C r e a t i v e

This rustic Anglesey wedding in North Wales wedding was a special one for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, this couple was the first to find me through a completely organic online search-- no one had recommended me; they simply searched for wedding photographers, found me,...

The beginning of this decade was the beginning of an incredible story: one where I was transformed by both grief and abundance.

Friends, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: preset packs aren't the hero that you think they are. They can't save your photos. And here's why...

This blog post started off as a short Instagram caption and has evolved into possibly one of the longest and most vulnerable posts that I've written in a while.

Have you ever spent over twenty minutes tinkering with an image only to sit back, stare at it, and feel a prickling of frustration?

I had the honour of capturing the special day of this couple in Bodelwyddan, North Wales, and despite the rain, it was a beautifully bright summer wedding.

Have you ever stumbled upon something beautiful in a shop and your heart ached for it? Maybe it was an item of clothing, a dining room table, an old book, a cushion, or a tiny treasure from an antique shop. Maybe it was something that you wanted to hang on your wall an...

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Hello, my dear! I'm Christina, a hobbit-sized American living in Derbyshire who photographs love, tells stories, and teaches people how to find freedom in their creativity.

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