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Friends, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: preset packs aren't the hero that you think they are. They can't save your photos. And here's why...

This blog post started off as a short Instagram caption and has evolved into possibly one of the longest and most vulnerable posts that I've written in a while.

Have you ever spent over twenty minutes tinkering with an image only to sit back, stare at it, and feel a prickling of frustration?

I had the honour of capturing the special day of this couple in Bodelwyddan, North Wales, and despite the rain, it was a beautifully bright summer wedding.

Have you ever stumbled upon something beautiful in a shop and your heart ached for it? Maybe it was an item of clothing, a dining room table, an old book, a cushion, or a tiny treasure from an antique shop. Maybe it was something that you wanted to hang on your wall an...

If you've ever felt like your grid isn't "consistent" enough to earn you a seat at the Instagram table, think again. Because aesthetics are way more than a cohesive grid...

Like finding your style and curating a wardrobe that you love, nailing your Instagram aesthetic can be difficult, so I'm sharing some of the mistakes I made...

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Hello, my dear! I'm Christina, a hobbit-sized American living in Derbyshire who photographs love, tells stories, and teaches people how to find freedom in their creativity.

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