Step into creative freedom by embracing your unique Instagram style.

Because you are an artist. You belong. And you do not have to live in confusion on Instagram.

When Instagram stopped feeling like a magical place...

I started posting regularly to Instagram back in 2016 because I had been inspired by a particular account.


It was beautiful.


Warm colours. Old books. Cups of tea. Wild landscapes. Tartan ribbons in curly, windswept hair.


The composition of these little moments on a grid made me feel like I wanted to run out my front door and jump on a train to Scotland.


Suddenly, I wanted a grid that told that kind of adventure story.


I already considered myself a photographer, but this little app turned photography into a whole other world of storytelling. So I started posting more photos and following more accounts. And in doing so, I became very much like a feather on the breeze: I photographed what I thought looked beautiful based on what I saw in other people’s photographs, I edited in an attempt to evoke the same emotion that other images evoked, I listened to what the gurus told me to photograph and write in my captions, and so I ended up with a grid that didn’t actually reflect my own style so much as it reflected a conglomeration of other accounts.


Well-intentioned inspiration had stripped me of my clarity.

Because what I had failed to do was define my purpose for taking to Instagram in the first place. I didn’t ask myself WHY I wanted to evoke emotions through these visual stories or even WHAT kind of emotions I wanted to evoke. I didn’t clarify what my REAL style was and WHY I wanted to take those images of windswept curls in wild landscapes.

So over the years, Instagram became a burden. I played the numbers game. I compared myself to other accounts: they had more followers, their grid was prettier, their engagement was higher. And I couldn’t quite work out why my account felt stale. Why did I look at it, with its mixture of cups of tea and wild landscapes, and feel so frustrated, much like my own creativity wasn’t being reflected there?


What I didn’t realise at the time was that my photography wasn’t even sparking an emotional response in my OWN heart, so it was no wonder that it wasn’t touching the hearts of others. I wasn’t proud of what I was putting out there, and humans are smart, so my followers could tell.


Which meant that by the beginning of 2018 when I was trying to transition my account into a business profile that also showcased my new wedding photography portfolio, I was running out of motivation to carry on.


What had once sparked such excitement in me quickly turned into a source of shame, artistic frustration, and embarrassment, but at the time, I still couldn’t work out why.

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Instagram, for all of its wonderful qualities, is a perfect breeding ground for frustrations and anxieties. Everywhere I turn, people are talking about comparison to the “highlight reels” and playing the numbers game with followers. We all hope to gain that 10K “swipe up” feature, and we often stare at other grids, longingly thinking “I wish my grid was that pretty” or even worse, “I wish my LIFE was that pretty.”


And if you, like me, have ever looked at your own grid and just felt “meh,” then chances are you’ve probably traced it back to one of any number of things:


Instagram just isn’t fun anymore.

 And maybe you’ve done a lot to try to remedy these symptoms:  



All in hopes that it would be the medicine you need.

  • You feel like your messy life makes you an “outsider” every time you look at the seemingly perfect, beautiful, and curated grids of other accounts.

  • You feel limited by your camera equipment or lack of editing knowledge.

  • You are overwhelmed by analytics, and the need to make your grid “functional” for your business has taken the fun out of posting.

  • You feel like you’re missing out on quality engagement with your followers because your grid isn’t reflecting your heart or purpose.

  • Your creativity has been buried beneath the “burden of “shoulds” that tell you what to post and how to gain followers.

  • You stare at your grid and know that SOMETHING is wrong, but you can't quite work out what it is.

  • Maybe you’ve tried to use other Instagrammers for inspiration.

  • Maybe you’ve read their blog posts religiously and spent hours on Pinterest.

  • Maybe you’ve bought courses.

  • Maybe you’ve attended workshops.

  • Maybe you’ve caved and purchased from those “90% off” preset ads.

  • Maybe you’ve downloaded every free guide and signed-up to every email list and then ended up with a bunch of un-opened pdfs on your desktop and unread messages in your inbox.

My friends, let me tell you something: in my three years on Instagram, I have gone through EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of those emotions and tried EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of those remedies. And I stand with you in solidarity when I say this-- it’s exhausting.

It’s exhausting to chase your tail.

It’s exhausting to never feel “at home” with your work.

It’s exhausting to feel trapped in a fruitless, uninspiring cycle.

It’s exhausting to feel like you’re fighting to belong in the inner circle of creatives who have “figured it out.”

It’s exhausting to live based on “shoulds.”

It’s exhausting to become so preoccupied with comparison that you’ve lost sight of your heart’s unique passion to create something beautiful.

It’s exhausting to be a feather changing direction with the coming of every new breeze.

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When Instagram is making you feel “meh,” confused, or like an outsider.

But if you’ll allow me, I’d like to tell you something (and by the way, just imagine that I’m sitting next to you as I say this, handing you a comforting, steaming cuppa tea):


It’s okay. You are not alone.


This frustration that you’re in? It’s part of the refining process. And literally EVERY artist, writer, maker, and INSTAGRAMMER has had to go through it. Yup, even the ones with the “perfect” grids.


Because whether you’re on Instagram to build a role as an influencer or entrepreneur or blogger or JUST FOR ARTISTIC FUN, refining literally means that you start off with something rough and you slowly work on shaping it and crafting it into something beautiful. Something that makes you proud. Something that reflects the heart behind the choice to create anything in the first place.


And you can't begin to refine your style without going through these rough drafts and allowing yourself to walk through these seasons of confusion and complexity.

But even so, you shouldn’t have to do it alone. You should not feel as though you’re the only one because I promise you this: you are NOT on the outside looking in. You are walking in good company next to a bunch of other beautiful creatives who are on this journey too.


So pretend you’re taking your first sip of that cuppa and the warmth of my words are reviving you and reminding you that you’re an artist, not an outsider. Because as an artist, you deserve to step into the creative freedom that this refining process offers, and I’m here to help you do it.

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Clarity is within your reach: because Instagram should be fun and not frustrating.

"Christina was a huge comfort and encouragement as I worked through comparison..."

A young woman in a grey cloak staring out into the misty mountains

So maybe you’re sitting there staring at other people’s grids and trying to work out what formula they used. Maybe you’ve been tinkering with the edit on a photo for hours and just can’t seem to get it right. Maybe you spend an hour a day staring at your own grid and trying to figure out what you don’t like about it.


But you know what? Sometimes, all you need is someone to bounce ideas off of. Someone to ask you the right questions and give you some actionable steps. Someone to remind you that this refining process is GOOD and that you are NOT ALONE.


That’s what I’m here for.

My name is Christina. I started my photography journey ten years ago, before moving from a drab California desert to the staggering peaks of Britain where I completed a BA & MA in English Literature & Creative Writing. I went through the years of creative frustration as both a writer and a photographer, but eventually, I found community and I worked my way out of the slump using slow, intentional, and actionalable methods to dig into the roots of my purpose as an artist. 


Ultimately, my job is to take you through the journey of unearthing clarity in your own creative story by figuring out how to manifest your purpose into a visual and written style that you’re proud to share on Instagram.

A style that you never get tired of.

A style that never makes you feel restricted from posting what’s on your heart.

A style that has you so excited about your own creativity that you’re too busy to focus on feeling like an outsider.

In my 1:1 coaching program, you get weekly, 90-minute check-ins with me. I’ll listen to your frustrations and give you prompting questions to work you through your pain points concerning Instagram. We’ll define what areas need focusing on most (because no artist is the same), and we’ll create a bespoke set of goals to tackle in our four weeks together.

Our goals will take shape to cover the following areas:

  • Letting go of the creative baggage and “shoulds” that have held back your progress.

  • Defining your purpose on Instagram and how you serve your audience through that purpose.

  • Digging into the emotion you want to evoke through your content.

  • Compiling inspiration that gives vision to your style using the “collections” tool on Instagram.

  • Working through composition tips and the editing tools that will help you to capture your envisioned style.

  • Establishing content pots to give direction and focus to your captions.

  • Talking through voice and writing style to create a seamless aesthetic with your images and words.

At the end of our time together, my goal is that you will FEEL both clarity AND excitement for Instagram again and be EQUIPPED to take those feelings and repurpose them into actionable steps for soulful, authentic content creation that excites you and connects you with your audience on a deeper level.


Composing and shooting images should be a fun gratitude task that makes you appreciate your life more instead of a chore that tells you that your life isn’t “pretty enough.”


Editing images should feel more purposeful and intentional and less like a confused “tinkering” session.


Writing captions should not leave you with writer’s block but should instead become a seamless transition from telling your story with images into telling your story with words.


And ultimately, in every step of your Instagram content creation, you should feel that your purpose is coming through and your making is driven by fun and excitement rather than frustration and comparison.

Because you have something BEAUTIFUL to offer, and your creative heart DESERVES the chance to unleash it! 

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What past students have said...


"As a creative, I was so frustrated that I could never get my Instagram feed to look how I wanted. I know what a cohesive feed looks like, I know the value of a consistent aesthetic, but I struggled to make what I was wanting to achieve actually be represented on my grid. I just gave up honestly. I relied solely on professional photographers and missed being able to share those tiny, beautiful moments of my day. Then Christina started coaching me. She walked me through exercises to identify what my dream feed looked like and we worked together to practice photography. I sent her hundreds of photos and she gave me such encouraging and constructive feedback. I felt like I was growing as an amateur photographer daily! Now, even though I am not yet 100% happy with my feed, I am actually enjoying the process and so much closer to my dream feed! Plus, as a lovely bonus, my engagement rates are up and I no longer feel stressed or overwhelmed about posting regularly. I can not recommend Christina's services enough!"

- Dusty Hegge, Houseplant Educator & Launch Strategist

“It was harder than I thought it would be to find my Instagram aesthetic. Christina not only helped me hone in and understand my own style and how to edit my photos cohesively, but she was a huge comfort and encouragement as I worked through comparison, discovering what I really liked, and actually falling back in love with Instagram!”

- Lilah Higgins, Designer, Branding Coach, & co-founder of theForge community

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I’m not a photographer, so would your mentorship still help me?

YES! You do not need formal photography training to learn the skills of composition and editing. With our 1:1 calls, I can look at your images and give you specific, actionable tips to improve your photography so that you no longer feel like you're "not a photographer." Ultimately, our goal is to get you to a point where it's FUN to take images for your grid instead of stressful!

I just do Instagram for fun-- what's the point in investing in a coach?

If Instagram is a creative outlet for you, then it is SO worthwhile to make sure that you're getting the most out of your interaction with the app. If you're at a point where it is frustrating you or stifling your creativity, then consider this your permission to invest in creative freedom in the same way you might invest in a painting class to improve your painting hobby. In short, your hobbies are just as worthwhile investing in as your professional endeavours!


My Instagram is for business, so how will creative coaching help me with marketing?

In my experience, it's the preoccupation with analytics and numbers that strips the fun out of marketing your business on Instagram. Instagram is a unique platform in that you can connect with your audience on a very creative and emotional level. My coaching will help you to see the emotional side of using your creativity to connect with your audience so that you do not just feel heart-wrenching enslavement to the analytics. Ultimately, creative coaching should add another element of fun and intentionality as you market your products or services to your ideal audience.


What results can I expect?

While some of my students have seen improvements in their engagement, every person is different, so I don't promise general results. Static improvements to things like engagement are based on a number of variables including use of hashtags, engagement with other accounts regularly, and how often you choose to post, so I do not mislead my students by promising them growth in the number-sense. What I can promise is personal creative growth because by the end of our time together, you will have clarified your own creative goals, identified the areas in your grid that need changing, AND have learned what actionable steps to take so that you can make those changes and reach those creative goals.  

How do payments work?

Upon booking and scheduling our four calls, you'll be asked to make a full deposit for the 1-month program to confirm and secure your scheduled call dates.

What happens if I don't show up for a call?

If you miss a call, I'll make an attempt to contact you and reschedule in the first instance. You'll have five working days to get back to me to reschedule our call before I permanently cancel the booking for that specific call.

What's your refund policy?

Once a booking is confirmed and a deposit is made, I do not process refunds unless a refund is requested within the first 24-hours of purchase and BEFORE the first coaching call takes place.

This program is for you if...

This program might not be for you if...

  • You feel frustrated every time you look at your content, and you're ready to bounce ideas off of a real human being instead of just searching for more blog posts and Pinterest ideas.

  • You want MORE from Instagram, and you KNOW that it can bring you more joy than it's currently bringing you.

  • You feel under-qualified as a writer or photographer, and you're not sure where to start to improve your images and/or captions.

  • You feel overwhelmed with people telling you what you SHOULD be doing as either a business owner or a hobbiest on Instagram, and you're ready to cut out the noise to focus in on your own creative purpose.

  • You are in LOVE with your grid and you feel equipped to capture the images and words that reflect your heart and creative purpose.

  • Analytics and engagement do not distract you from making the content you want to make.

  • You are extremely experienced in photographing and editing images and do not need any direction on composition or how to use editing tools.

  • You are a seasoned writer and feel happy with your written content's ability to reflect your personal voice and values.

  • Instagram brings you nothing but joy, and you are aptly using it to satisfy your creative itch.

Program Bonuses

Because who doesn't love a little extra?

Kind of like when Sam decided to carry Frodo through that last leg of their quest to save Middle Earth, sometimes the real love is in the extra mile. When you choose me as your companion on this creative journey, I take that decision very seriously. It's an honour to be the Samwise Gamgee to your Frodo Baggins, and I'd like to spoil you with a few extra bits of love. So when you book my full four-week package, you'll also get the following bonuses on TOP of our four, 90-minute calls together:

  • One "grid organisation" session where you send me 9-12 of your images for your Instagram grid and I personally arrange them for you to help maximise their aesthetic potential.

  • Personalised inspiration sent straight to your Instagram DM's. After we establish your ideal aesthetic, I will be on the lookout to send you 3-5 Instagram images that align with that aesthetic to help inspire you and give you direction.

  • Three caption proofreads where you can send me your pre-written caption and I will not only proofread it for grammar and punctuation but I will also suggest small changes that might help make it more engaging.

  • Three image proofs where you send me your image and I can either offer advise on how to better compose the image or how to edit the image to suit your aesthetic style.

Ready to get SPOILED with all of these extras?!

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If you're not quite ready for a month-long heart-to-heart...

Sweet friend, I get it. Our creativity is such a delicate thing, and we want to look after it and nurture it well, which is why I always offer the option to get on a free fifteen-minute discovery call with me so that you can see if we're the right fit in working together before taking that leap into a month-long creative journey.

Get a free 15-minute discovery call

If you ARE READY to dive into unearthing your creative freedom but you don't have the resources to commit to four weeks together, I offer one-off 90-minute calls where we can work through either your photography struggles OR your struggle to write captions. This option is perfect if you are ready to take immediate action but are unable to dedicate four weeks to the process. My 1:1 calls will give you the friendly direction you need to set you on the right track towards finding your creative freedom.

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So what's holding you back? I'm waiting with your cuppa and an outstretched hand.

Grab hold, and let's walk together on this journey towards deep joy and creative freedom as you share your story on Instagram.

I'm ready for creative freedom