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Coaching Services

"Christina helped me find joy in the process of refining my photography skills..."

- Dusty Hegge

When you're feeling stuck in a creative rut, the worst thing that you can do is live in a vacuum of isolation. I am here to bring LIFE and JOY back into your creative journey by coming up alongside you, being your sounding board, spoiling you with encouragement, and reminding you that you are NOT ALONE!

We can cover anything from aesthetics, editing, and shooting to grid- planning and mindset: you get to guide the conversation with the questions you choose to focus on.

Instagram Grid

Over a series of weeks, we'll dive into your core goals with Instagram and how to bring them together with beautiful, authentic photography AND a well-crafted, intentional voice in your caption copy.

Whole Instagram Package

 We'll work on equipping you to tell your story, utilise your brand pillars, AND engage your audience with captivating, organic, and honest Instagram captions that reflect your core purpose and passions.

Instagram Captions