When you're not sure how to document the beauty in your story, that's where I come in...

Hey there, lovely! I'm Christina, and I help my clients uncover the depths of their value by capturing their important moments with my camera and coaching them through their storytelling ventures.
Whether you want to document your wedding, write your memoir, or connect with your clients on social media, I'll equip you to share intentional content, both visually and verbally, that captures the authentic, raw beauty of your story.
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weddings, engagements, & couples

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Meet the storyteller


If you're looking for a hobbit-sized photographer & writing teacher who can help sprinkle some faerie dust into your story (whilst mixing metaphors and cracking the occasional bad pun), then my dear, you've come to the right place.

Click through to find out how I ended up moving from America to the UK when I was eighteen, which Hogwarts house I got sorted into when I arrived, and how I ended up on this amazing journey helping people tell their stories...

Oh, and don't worry if you don't find my jokes funny. I'm used to it. Although I'll have you know that my mom thinks I'm hilarious.


Ready to unearth your personal photography style?

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what my clients say

"Instagram was once a place I enjoyed but without a clear vision and a cohesive feed, and so it quickly began to feel like no matter how much effort I spent on the platform, it never accomplished what I was hoping. It felt cluttered and stressful and eventually, I just gave up. Then, I hired Christina for photography coaching. She helped me find joy in the process of refining my photography skills, walked me through exercises to identify my dream feed, and outlined steps to help me to get there. I can not recommend her coaching enough!"

- Dusty Hegge, Houseplant Educator & Launch Strategist

"From the first time we made contact with Christina we knew we struck gold with her great communication and professionalism. Christina ensured that everything was done with such a personal touch from coffee meet up discussions to ensuring we could have our couple photos at a beach on the windiest day because it meant so much too us."

- Andy + Megan Wardrope, Bride + Groom

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