Mentorship For Photographers

"Christina helped me find joy in the process of refining my photography skills..."

- Dusty Hegge

Well hey there, lovely! I'm Christina: a writer, adventurer, and photographer with a super nerdy obsession with colour, light, and editing. You can click here to read all about my story and how I found myself in this wonderful journey of entrepreneurship. But if you don't fancy a longer read, I'll just give you the straight skinny (anyone know where that phrase came from?).
Over a decade of practicing photography, I realised that alongside my passion for photographing people in love, I also enjoy helping other photographers pinpoint their branded editing style. With the digital age creating a saturated photography market, our personality is what helps us to stand out and market our photographs as something that is distinctly "us." And one of the BEST ways to show our personality is in the way that we shoot and edit our work to create a specific effect. That's why I created The Flourish Packages
Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, I am here to help you unearth your unique photography style so that your images reflect your brand. If you find editing frustrating or you look at your images and still feel like they're not quite "you," then my Aesthetic Mentorship Calls are exactly the remedy you need! Rather than relying on "one size fits all" presets, I believe in digging deep to the heart of your vision and creativity so that you are equipped with the skills to make your own workflow that can grow and change as you do!

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The Seedling Package

For those who have no photography or Lightroom experience, this package is for you!


The Sapling Package

For those who can shoot manual but are only familiar with Lightroom's basic tools, this package is for you!


The Woodling Package

For those who know all the ropes but are ready to brand their photography style, this package is for you!