The Seedling Package

Yay, you!


If you’re brand new to photography, then WELCOME TO THE SUPER-FUN-COOL-KIDS-CLUB! Or, in more moderate tones, congratulations on picking up a beautiful creative outlet! Whether you’re picking this up as a hobby, an influencer, or an aspiring professional, I firmly believe that photography is one of the most accessible ways to reflect on the beauty around us and tap into gratitude of the every day moments. 


And even FURTHER congratulations on wanting to invest in your skill development from the very beginning of your journey! My goal for you with this program is to help you avoid a LOT of the mistakes that I made over my first decade as a photographer.


But first, let me say this: being a photographer means that you will ALWAYS be learning new things. I am by no means a “master,” and I hope I never claim to be— it’s way more fun to be a student, always learning and growing in creativity and skill.


Still, it would be pretty darn wonderful if you could skip some of the frustrations that most photographers face in the early stages, right? 


Of course it would. Duh! Isn’t that why you’re here? ;)


So without further ado, let’s cover what you’ll learn in the three 60-minute calls of The Seedling Package!

Week One: Your Inspiration

Every student starts out by working through my Instagram Aesthetic Method. Whether you’re using Instagram or not, this workbook is an excellent way of gauging how you want to express yourself as a photographer. We will go through the results of your workbook, and from there, I will advise you on how to start practicing in your desired aesthetic vein. We will primarily cover what kind of subject material is available to you in regards to lighting, colours, and textures so that you can pursue images that reflect your creative eye. I’ll advise you on different ways to frame your subject to capture different angles and emotions. You can shoot in “auto” mode for this first week.

Week Two: Your Camera

Once we review your images and cover what you like and don’t like, we will begin looking at your camera's manual settings. Based on your Week One results, I will start advising you on how to ease your way into manual shooting with focus on the specific settings that will aid you in achieving your ideal aesthetic. Ultimately, our goal is to get you fluent in all of your camera’s manual settings, but it helps to start with direction and purpose by looking at one setting at a time! Go back out and shoot again in “manual” mode, focusing on different settings on at a time.

Week Three: Your Editing Suite

In this final week, we will take your homework images from Weeks One + Two and upload them into Lightroom. I will take you through all of the basics of the editing suite, from how to upload your images to how to utilise all of the primary tools to manipulate light levels, white balance, and texture. We will compare the different effects that your editing suite has on your manual shots vs. your auto shots. And finally, we will look back at the results from your Aesthetic Method workbook to determine where we have succeeded and where you can continue to focus your development.

Are you ready to jump into your photography journey?

What you'll need:

  • A DSLR or a camera phone that allows for manual setting adjustments— you absolutely must have access to camera equipment that will allow you to learn about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

  • At least six hours to commit to the program over the course of three weeks (a one-hour call each week and one hour of photography homework each week).

  • Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Lightroom Mobile App— yes, there are loads of great mobile editing apps, but Lightroom is the most powerful, the most intuitive, and the most finite suite to help you develop your skills as a photographer and editor. Plus, Creative Cloud allows you to save presets on your desktop that can be uploaded to your Mobile App, so you can have consistent editing at home and on-the-go!

  • A printer to print off your Aesthetic Method Workbook.

  • A cute journal to take notes on our calls.


"Christina walked me through gaining clarity on my purpose for Instagram, identifying the fears that were holding me back, discovering my ‘dream grid’ and how to capture it with my own images and photo editing to tell my business story with intention.  At the end of our time, I was pleasantly exhausted from pouring into her method, but oh so pleased with what I had learned; I now knew how I wanted my grid to look, how to capture and edit images to achieve this look, and how I could tell my story."

- Christina Turrill, Vision Headbands


Why work with me?

I will give you the perfect balance between developing an abstract, creative vision and developing practical, nuanced photography skills. Not only do I have four years of practical teaching experience (so I know how to listen to your struggles and adapt my teaching method accordingly) but I am guiding you through a process that I went through myself over the course of a decade. I am teaching from personal experience and helping you fast-track your photography workflow in a way that took me ten years to develop. Plus, we will have so much freaking fun together! ;)  

Plus, bonuses!

(Because who doesn't love a little extra?)

For my Seedling students ONLY, you will get a free copy of my “Week Two” booklet from my 2019 Instagram Intensive Course. This booklet focuses specifically on photography skills, and it covers the ins and outs of basic shooting and editing, giving examples and descriptive markers to help you articulate your style.

Can't wait to jump in?

This package is for you if...

This package might not suit you if...

  • You are brand new to photography and want to learn the basics.

  • Your images don’t currently reflect your vision.

  • You are willing to invest in Adobe Creative Cloud's Photography Package.

  • You appreciate good, artful photography.

  • You don’t want to spend years figuring out how to make your images look the way you want them to look.

  • You can commit six hours of time to learn new skills.

  • You are willing to laugh at my bad puns.

  • You already have experience shooting manually.

  • You already know the basics of Lightroom.

  • Your images look exactly how you want them to look.

  • You do not have six hours to commit to developing your photography skills.

  • You’re not really bothered about what your photos look like.

  • You’re not willing to invest in Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • You don't have six hours to commit to the course.

  • You don’t appreciate cheesy humour.

So, are you ready to skip years of struggling to unearth your photography skills and style RIGHT NOW?



Four monthly payments of £50 or save 25% with one upfront payment of £175

Excited to get started?!