John & Bryony // New Mills Wedding

I have had my fair share of wedding work and I’ve had my fair share of photography work, but I had never put the two together until my friend Bryony reached out and asked me to document her wedding. I was crazy excited and slightly bricking it. I prayed for weeks that the unpredictable English weather would give us a beautiful day of sunshine, and to everyone’s absolute delight, Bryony & John’s wedding was possibly one of the most glorious days of the summer.

I think the coolest thing about photographing this couple was getting to witness all their nervous jitters. For months up until the wedding, Bryony had everything organised down to the smallest detail (if ya'll ever need someone to organize your entire life, she is definitely your girl), and her and John were both calm and relaxed. They’d been together for six years, and they were ready to say their “I do’s.” But all of that preparedness completely disappeared when the day finally came. They were both fighting back tears and Bryony couldn’t stop saying, “Guess what? We’re married!”

Not only were they crazy excited to become man and wife, but they were wonderful hosts who genuinely cared about the people who were celebrating with them. They thanked all the people who helped them with a bouquet of flowers, and when the night came to a close, I danced with all the rest of the guests. I am so passionate about the idea behind marriage, and I can honestly say that my greatest joy in documenting weddings comes from having the opportunity to celebrate with my couples. And this couple in particular was such a joy to celebrate with.

Mr. & Mrs. Oldham, it was a delight to be present on your special day, to capture your crazy love for each other, and to celebrate your “‘Till death do us part.” My blessings and best wishes to you both.

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