"Battle of the Seasons" Fantasy Shoot

My good friend Alice Pike and I have been collaborating our artistic skills for years: she is a costumer, I am a photographer, and we are both drawers and painters with an eye for colour and a flare for fantasy and fairytale vibes. Recently, we joined Adam Bird's surreal photography group on Facebook (and if you enjoy surreal/fantasy/fine art photography, then you should definitely check out his work on Instagram @adambirdyy). Each month in Adam's group, we are given a themed prompt under which we go out and shoot our interpretation of the theme. This month's theme was "princess," and so Alice and I pulled our skills together to create an interpretation of princesses inspired by this month's crazy British weather. Alice thrifted and styled our dresses and made both of our gorgeous seasonal "crowns" with upcycled wire, beading, florals, and sari silk.

The photos tell a story of the Spring and Winter princesses who are battling it out to spread their magic through the Northern hills. But because it's March, Spring is fighting desperately to reclaim the territory that is "rightfully hers" while the Winter princess fights back with a graceful vengeance. Which princess will claim the countryside? That has yet to be decided. ;)

You can find Alice at @alicecostume on Instagram and Alice Pike Costume on Facebook. She and I are always looking to collab with creatives in the North West, and Alice is crazy talented at what she does, so do reach out to her if you have a shoot that requires a bit of clever, upcycled pieces. And as always, I encourage you to look out for local creatives in your area, wherever you may be, to help keep your creative juices flowing. Sometimes it takes a village, but the result can be pure magic!

Snow queen in winter fields

Snow queen in medieval dress

Snow queen floral crown

Floral princess asleep

Running princess in red cloak

Floral princess with peacock feathers

Snow queen sitting on stone wall

Snow queen sitting on stone wall

Floral princess sitting in countryside

Snow queen sitting on stones

Floral beaded snow crown

Princess afraid in red cloak

Princess staring into magical jar

Snow queen commanding the hills

Snow queen near the river

Floral princess in the wind

Floral princess smiling

Floral princess sitting beneath a tree

Details of Snow Queen's make-up and crown

Floral princess staring into the sky

Floral princess fighting against winter

Snow queen leaning against mossy wall

Floral princess smiling in woods

Floral princess with arms raised, fighting with her magic

Snow Queen with arms raised, fighting with her magic

Floral princess with arms opened and cloak blowing in the wind

Snow queen with arms opened

Floral princess and Snow Queen come together

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