The Beasley Clan // Autumn Family Portraits

The English weather always makes Autumn family portrait shoots a tad unpredictable. We rescheduled three times to avoid torrential rain, and when the day finally came, I was overjoyed to see clear skies.

That is... until about fifteen minutes before the shoot, when the clouds rolled in and the mizzley rain started to pitter-patter on the top of my head.

Nevermind. One can't call themself an English photographer if they're not prepared for rain at all times. Out the brollies came, and and the lovely Beasley family rolled up in their family car.

One little one came out crying, one came out playing with the brollies, another immediately wandered off, and the fourth one just stared bewildered at the crazy lady with the camera. And amidst all the chaos, mum and dad came out smiling.

We chuckled at our unfortunate luck with weather and embraced the messy, wet leaves. The sticks became swords, a sheet became a canopy, and between the tears and confusion, there were kisses and smiles and laughter at the beautiful absurdity of it all.

One of the reasons I love family portrait shoots is that I get to capture all that is not perfect. I get to offer something back to the family that celebrates the beautiful messiness that is raising bairns and loving spouses. I get to freeze a little momentary glimpse into the uniqueness that is family.

And I must say, after a long hiatus, I couldn't have picked a more beautiful, loving family to photograph.

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