Aled & Emily // Snowy Mam Tor Engagement

I had the opportunity to freeze my fingers off for this super special (okay, they're all special, but REALLY this one was special) engagement shoot with Aled & Emily on the snowy crest-line near Castleton on Sunday. The thing that made this shoot so lovely is that Aled had originally planned on proposing to Emily at the top of this mountain. It's called "Mam Tor," which means "Mother Mountain," and it's named as such because the shifts in the earth have continually "given birth" to new, tiny mountains. There's remnants of the many attempts to build a road up the side of it, but the council eventually gave up when they saw that the land would not remain stagnant.

Unfortunately for Aled, extenuating circumstances prevented him from being able to propose to Emily here, which is why I'm so glad that I got to take them back (in the Narnia-like snow, no less!) for their engagement shoot to celebrate their upcoming wedding in June.

(Okay, so my foot got stuck in a snowy bog and I lost all feeling in my fingers, but it was totally worth it.)

This might sound cheesy, but I literally don't think it's possible for this couple to be any cuter if they tried. When I sent Emily a few sneak peeks from this shoot, I expected a response along the lines of "Oh, they're beautiful!" or "I love it!" But what did I get instead? "I just love him so much!" For her, it wasn't about the photos so much as the man who was in them. And that's exactly the kind of love I seek to capture with my wee camera.

That kind of love is so precious and so pure, and I just can't get over how evident it is in these images of the two of them. I hope you get the same sort of joy that I did when you see the way they look at each other because it's reminder to all of us that love is sweet, kind, and so worth celebrating.

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