Aled & Emily // Bodelwyddan Wedding, North Wales

I had the honour of capturing the wedding day of two very dear friends of mine, which obviously made it more difficult to see through my viewfinder, what with the tears that were clouding my vision. Aled & Em did a stunning job on their budget wedding in North Wales (which is where Aled is from). Despite the rain on the day, the joy and colour that these two weaved into their details made it feel every bit the beautiful, summery June wedding they'd hoped for.

Emily especially added a special touch with the fact that she did all of her own flowers. She told me during our first meeting that one of the most important aesthetic elements for her wedding was "colour." She LOVES sweet, tasteful colour, and she even gets excited when she sees me wear outfits with colourful florals on them.

On the morning of the wedding, I remember her telling me, amidst questions by people asking her "why she's trimming her own flowers on the day of her wedding," that handling flowers calms her and brings her such deep joy. As soon as the bouquets arrived and she was able to begin trimming them, you could sense the peace wash over her. What's more, floral-arranging isn't even her day job (yet), so she just truly loves doing it for the sake of it, and it's clear that God has given her a very special connection with His creation.

Aside from the beautiful florals, the other thing that stood out to me at the Parry Wedding was the pure joy that permeated the room. All hands were raised in rapturous worship, and the cheering that erupted when they were pronounced "Man & Wife" shook the walls of the little village church. Throughout the day, it was nothing but smiles, laughter, and genuine happiness.

And God sent us one final blessing at the end of the day: Aled & Emily scheduled their couple shots to take place after the celebrations were over so that they wouldn't be taken away from their guests, and with such luck, it turned out that around 7pm, the rain stopped, the clouds cleared, and the sun came out for the most glorious golden hour as we marched atop a mountain overlooking the Welsh sea. As we. hiked up to Graig Fawr, every moment I hoped to capture was given to us, down to the final moments of our shoot where the sun tipped over the crest of the hill and sent us a flood of gold into the meadow where we were wrapping up. I spotted the pocket of sunshine and shouted "RUN FOR THAT LIGHT!" So Aled helped Em lift up her skirts (twelve "onion" layers, as he called them) to dash for the final opportunity that the sunset offered us. And as the light dipped below the crest again, I had the opportunity to pray over these two sweet souls and call God's blessings over their beautiful marriage.

As I write this, I cry, because marriage is just so, so good. And it's a blessing and an honour to get to share it with people like these two.

I've been to many weddings in my career, and I've seen some of the most creative, elaborate, thoughtful, and beautiful days, but there was something about Aled & Emily's that was drenched in more joy than I have ever seen. There is clearly a rally of people behind them supporting their covenant and praying for their love, and no doubt, in God's joy, He will bless them both most ardently.

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Floral bridesmaid hairstyle.

Bride getting ready.

Bride Squad balloons.

Silver wedding shoes flatlay

Floral wedding headpiece.

Cute flower girls walking down the aisle.

Bride and groom seeing each other for the first time

North Wales village hall church wedding