Andy + Megan // Anglesey Wedding

This rustic Anglesey wedding in North Wales wedding was a special one for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, this couple was the first to find me through a completely organic online search-- no one had recommended me; they simply searched for wedding photographers, found me, and liked what they saw. I think it's important as photographers that we talk about those little milestones rather than shadow our journeys in mystery. It's hard to get found online, and when we've started performing well enough to be searchable, we should celebrate.

Secondly, this was the first wedding that my fiancé, Christopher, and I shot together as a team, and it was SO FUN to work together! It definitely confirmed that we enjoy working alongside each other to serve newlyweds. And also, I never mind having him around for some eye candy. ;)

Andy and Megan were such a pleasure to serve. Their love for the Lord and the people around them was so evident in the way that they'd structured their wedding day. From the thoughtful beach where we shot their portraits (a beach whose sand is laced into their custom-made wedding rings) to the beautifully poetic speeches, it was clear that they are such blessing to the people around them because they are intentional, loving people.

Through creative ways of decorating (like using hedge clippings as greenery), they managed to create an environment that was both elegant and relaxed. There was such a casual sense of togetherness and community, and as I walked around snapping photos, I thought to myself "Yes. This is what a wedding celebration is all about."

Andy and Megan, we wish you a long and happy marriage together, and we hope that these photos will always remind you that your marriage is a stronghold of God's delight.